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Access Bars® – treatments and tools for more ease and fun in life

  • Do you want to be healthier, wealthier, to have peace, joy, fun and happiness in Life? Is now the time to choose more for your self and others, together in abundance? What is the state of Being and Body that you would like to Be and Have, with ease and joy and awareness? What do you choose now?

Access Bars is the treatment and a tool to make it available with ease and in very simple way.

  • Energetic Body and Mind process to clear all unnecessary believes, implants and content which doesn’t allow you to be you as you are! To live life of abundance in every area.
  • Access Bars are the 32 dots on your head, and when we gently touch them with fingertips, it dissolves electromagnetic charge, intensity, and content from your whole system – Body, Mind, Energy Field, from your entire space! It allows to clear and empty (your) whole space, so you can have more AWARENESS. When you have clarity and awareness and more space, you can easily choose for your self what you would like to have in your life! So, this is the “way” that this process is working. 
  • Would you like to have it as a tool in your hands, in your pocket, every day, 24/7, always available, in every circumstance? And to apply it in every occasion, good or bad, nice or ugly? When you have stress, anxiety, depression, stress, pains, confusion, heaviness?
  • And to have more ease and to be more relaxed, aware, focused, present, more of yourself, to trust in your choices and decisions? To know that you DO KNOW, because you KNOW. To have more fun, joy, happiness, love, money, health? Would you really choose that, if anything is possible, and IT IS, just CHOOSE TO CHOOSE IT.
  • This class, Access Bars class is here to make it available for you. It is a simple tool, kids love it – it is so simple and fun!
  • I invite you to try! To see, what’s in it for you?
  • When you complete this education, you become International Access Bars practitioner and you can do Bars sessions and treatments for yourself, your family, but also for clients – so you can do it as a profession if you choose it! And what else is possible for you when you choose Access Bars class?
  • I will be in Ljubljana, having and facilitating this class on Saturday, 11th of January, 2020. You are very welcome to participate.
  • The conditions and the schedule:
  • There is no pre-request for this class! Everyone can join, all professions, age and gender, kids, adults, and elders, women and men. Everyone can easily learn it and apply it in daily life.
  • The duration of a class is approx. 8 hours, and in that time, you go through 4 processes: twice you receive and twice you are giving a process. Through that you are experiencing and learning to do Bars! And it is so simple!
  • Together, we watch a video from Bars Founders and receive their energy as well.
  • We are learning, experiencing and above all we are releasing unwanted content, blockades, non-useful believes and many more, what actually stops you on your way of a Golden Prosperity and to create your life beyond your expectations! And what else is possible, beyond this reality?


  • 240€ – adults and if you are participating for the first time.
  • 120€ – youngsters from 15-17 years old; if you are adult and participating for 2nd or 3rd time on Access Bars Class.
  • Free of charge: kids up to 14 years old, with one paying adult.


  • Saturday, 11th of January, 2020
  • 10 am till 6 pm

PLACE: Ljubljana, Slovenia (exact address we will send you later.)


  • All the written material, manual in language of your choice, colored maps with heads and Bars.
  • Certificate! International value! Opportunity to do Bars as a profession!
  • You will be added in Access Consciousness data Base as an Access Bars Practitioner, for life time – no need to maintain that status – it is permanent, and free of charge!
  • Opportunity and all the support from me and from Access to grow your Bars business if you choose so!
  • Many free video and audio materials from Access, so you can expand yourself more and more and to grow into awareness.

Together, we are empowering people to know that they KNOW!

Let’s have total ease, joy, fun, abundance!


Send your data: name, surname, email address, date of birth, for registration purpose on

If you would like to hear more about the topic, feel free to call me whatsapp or viber +381637261099,

With gratitude and joy,

Margareta is present for you.

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